Lost Rivers – Devol’s Lager (24x 330ml)


  • Case of 24 cans
  • LOST RIVERS | Inspired by the tales that flow beneath our feet, we brew beer that rewards the curious. Those in search of what’s hidden. Beers with a depth of flavour that keep on giving with every sip.
  • FULL OF FLAVOUR | Raise the Devol. Let it spray sparks across your tongue before its passive bitterness takes hold. Stray through grassy fields and pluck an orange. Squeeze it over that melon. Now wedge it in your boat race. Smile!
  • BE CURIOUS | Convicted pirates and executions. Gibets and devol’s neckcloths. Rivers running red.
  • INCLUSIVE | Suitable for vegans and vegetarians
  • RAISE THE DEVOL | Each can is 330ml and a sessionable 4.5% ABV. So rest assured, you will indeed be reaching for more.