Keigetsu Sake Nature, 720ml (Pack of 12) Case of 12

Product Description

Keigetsu uses local rice varieties, organically grown within five kilometres of the brewery. As well as the local rice varieties, Keigetsu reintroduced the "King of Sake Rice" Yamadanishiki from the Hyogo Prefecture into Tosa in Kochi Prefecture on their terraced rice paddies. These are found at 350-600 metres above sea level, based mainly on clay soil with high diurnal temperature differences. Yamadanishiki is regarded as the best sake rice. The shinpaku, or core of the rice grain, gives the purest flavours to sake. Gentle polishing removes bran and other unwanted flavour components from the outside of the grain. Sake Nature has a 45% polish rate meaning 55% of the original rice grain has been polished away.

Sake Nature has enticing aromas of beautifully ripe stone fruit and white blossom on the nose. The palate offers well-balanced, pure flavours of juicy pear and peach with an elegant and persistent finish. This sake pairs perfectly with poached white fish in a creamy sauce, dishes with aromatic Asian spices or miso-based sauces.

This product is a Case of 12 bottles.
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